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Our Filmset Services

Filmset Medical Cover

We can provide medical services for you filmset. Like all of our services this is customised, to your requirement. No matter how big or small your requirement, get in touch with our team!

Covid -19 Supervisors

We can provide Covid-19 Supervisors / Compliance Officers, these are essential in the film industry to ensure that everyone is following the government guidelines whilst on a busy filmset.

Assistance with Covid Swabbing

For those who are using Lateral Flow testing, on site Our trained staff, can assist with the process of swabbing, and processing the results. We can also arrange, through a registered lab to help with PCR testing.

Covid - 19 Advisors

Our experienced team, and our partner organisations. Are always on hand to advise you and your team, on how to comply with the government Covid-19 Regulations, and keep working!

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